Always exceptional service! they take care all 3 of my children and I chose them specifically because Dr Kendall was my childhood doctor my mother had chosen her for me and my brothers and I did what was best for mine!
— Maria Wilkerson George

I love We Care, my kids have been going here since birth..They’re now 8 and 13 years old....
— Tonika Porter

Dr. Kendall is a smart, educated doctor who knows her stuff. I never mind listening to her suggestions and knowledge. My son loves her just as well...Great place of business too...
— Jae Woods

This is a great place to bring your children. Doctors and staffs are great and always professional
— George Sokan

My children love Dr. Kendall. Dr. Bush is wonderful too.
— Tonya Dedeaux

I’ve known Dr. Kendall all my life. She once was my doctor and now she is my kids doctor, making appointments now!
— Todne Colbert